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Could anyone help or refer how it can be done..I searched over the net and what i felt is that its only for mobile and websites.

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You might want to see this library for GA on desktops


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If you want to use Google analytics data from an analytics account Google provides a data export API.

If you want to track your native application then as Catfish_Man (great name btw!) said, it is not really possible. That isn't totally true, as you could fake it, but the paradigm is so different that you would be better off creating you own solution.

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It's for websites. Many of the concepts of web analytics (number of pages viewed for example) don't even make any sense on a desktop app, because they're not organized like a web page.

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Not necessarily: Apple Help is just a bundle of web pages –  Boblet Aug 5 '13 at 7:51

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