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I am having issues getting JQuery to be parsed by ruby.

For instance, the following line of code is supposed to add the @user's username after the div with id 'title.'

$('#title').after('<%= escape_javascript(@user.first.username') %>);

However, the output that I receive is a string that hasn't been parsed at, complete with &lt;

I haven't found anything specifically posted on this on Stack Overflow and I've followed several tutorials unsuccessfully.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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erb is parsed before the page loads, so this is inserting the erb code during javascript execution, which doesn't get parsed at all. A better way to do this one would be to insert JS to set a variable, and then use that variable:

var myObj = "<%= escape_javascript(@user.first.username) %>";
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I would argue you should not take this approach... Placing script tags in your erb is a smell IMO. You would be better off creating a hidden input field with the username and an id of 'user_name' and then using unobtrusive js in your app.js to get the field value and append it.

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I agree and will take your advice. However, James Deville's response really got at the core of my problem. Thank you, though! –  TimeEmit Jul 8 '11 at 6:04
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