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String child = "C";
Parent p = null;
try {
    Class c1 = new Class.forName(child);
    Constructor co = c1.getConstructor();
    // p=co.newInstance(null); //This gives compilatoin error cannot
    // conver object to Parent
    // p=(c1.getClass())co.newInstance(null);//also gives cast errror
    p = (Parent) co.newInstance(null);// this works but it typecasts the
    // child to Parent
} catch (Exception e) {

What am i trying to do.

I have multiple Child classes inherited from Parent. I am getting child class name as string input.

I want to instantiate the object of Child class and assign it to Parent. I do not want to type cast Child to Parent. As later in the code i need to compare two Child classes. If I typecast it to Parent. I cannot differentiate between Child1 and Child2.

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How do you compare your child1 and child2? –  Lynch Jul 8 '11 at 4:23
You might want to check out Polymorphism. –  Gary Buyn Jul 8 '11 at 4:25

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I don't think you understand what "typecasting" does. It has absolutely no effect on the object itself. Using p = (Parent) t simply does a runtime check on t to make sure that the type of t is assignable to Parent (i.e. either t is-a Parent or it is-a subclass of Parent) . Afterward, t will still be a Child1 or whatever its actual type always has been.

Use the explicit cast.

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You might try something like:

Object parent = null;
String child = String.class.getName();  //not necessary, can just use String.class directly
Class childClass = Class.forName(child);
Class parentClass = Object.class;

if (parentClass.isAssignableFrom(childClass)) {
    parent = childClass.newInstance();

System.out.println("Parent is:  " + parent);
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Even the Parent is cast form the 2 different children as

Parent parent1 = (Parent)child1;
Parent parent2 = (Parent)child2;

The parent1 and parent2 are totally different based on each child.

You may see the difference by printing them as


Then you may compare it by using the getName() as well.

I hope this may help to achieve the requirement.


Charlee Ch.

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