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This is the string saved in the database:


But it returns as:


This is my AJAX function:

function getComment(timesheetId,activityId,date,employeeId){

var r = $.ajax({
        type: 'POST',
        // contentType: " charset=utf-8",
        url: linkToGetComment,
        data: "timesheetId="+timesheetId+"&activityId="+activityId+"&date="+date+"&employeeId="+employeeId,
        async: false,

        success: function(comment){
            cmnt= comment;

    return cmnt;
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Try calling:


The special characters are being html encoded at some point, so you need to unencode them.


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Before un-escaping any string, you should really make sure your text is coming from a safe source and is not based on any user input.

That said, the unescape() function should work for you:

cmnt= unescape(comment);
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