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I want to integrate Help File (.chm) with my web application developed in ASP.Net with C#. Actually, I get to open the chm file using javascript 'ShowHelp' function. But I wanna give context wise Help functionality.

I mean, if User is on Customer registration page and clicks on help icon, then according help page should open in chm file.

Can anybody please guide me on this?

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Are you sure that it has to be a .chm file? Chm is a compiled html file, intended for offline (desktop) usage. There is no point in forcing user to download the entire compiled file when he/she is online and has access to individual help pages. Not to mention that versioning and updates are much simpler if you keep help online. – Groo Jul 8 '11 at 6:32

I will suggest you to create a htm page for help and every individual page you just call this htm page using #AnchorName. Please visit this link

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Thanks jits, 'll try it. – Rumit Parakhiya Jul 8 '11 at 7:11

Build your help web pages using screwTurn wiki and then add reference to each page on the respective pages.

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