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I am displaying the database field names and values in html table in django templae with this code

<table id="listTable" >
        {% for fieldname in object_fields %}<th>{{ fieldname }}</th>{% endfor %}
        {% for object in object_list %}
            <tr class="{% cycle 'row1' 'row2' as rowcolors %}">
            {% for fieldvalue in object %}<td>{{ fieldvalue }}</td>{% endfor %}
        {% endfor %}

Now the problem i have one field called image_name and i want that for that there should be hyperlink inserted with the text but how can do that so that other columns don't get affected.

I use this code for all the tables

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What I would do in this case is add a property to the class that wraps the value of the field in an anchor tag and add that property to your object_list instead of the default value of the field. Here's a quick and dirty example to get you going.

class MyClass(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField(max_length=50)
    email = models.EmailField()

    def email_link(self):
        return u'<a href="mailto:%(email)s">%(email)s</a>' % {'email' : self.email}
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