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I'm trying to write a unit test for an old pylons 0.9.7 application. The issue we have is that it's very easy to accidentally hard-code URL paths in our jinja2 templates, which works fine until someone hosts our application at a different prefix (i.e.- hosts it at http://localhost/foo/ instead of just http://localhost/). I'm doing this using the default "functional test" setup that paste created for me. I query every controller action, and pass in a custom SCRIPT_NAME like so:

response = self.app.get('/some/url/path', 
                        extra_environ={'SCRIPT_NAME' : '/custom_prefix'})

I then use beautifulsoup to parse the document, iterating over all the tags that have an href attribute or a src attribute, and ensure that it starts with '/custom_prefix'.

Here's where things get odd: When we pass an absolute path in to pylons.url (which is actually a routes.util.URLGenerator)in our templates like this:

{{ h.stylesheet_link(h.url('/css/style.css')) }}

...it works perfectly. However, when we call pylons.url with keyword arguments like this:

{{ h.link_to('Home', h.url(controller='person', action='home')) }}

...the prefix is not inserted. However, the url() function works correctly when running this correctly (i.e.- using mod_wsgi or pastedeploy) with a non-empty SCRIPT_NAME.

I guess that I'm missing a critical step, but I can't think what it is.

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If I understand it right, everything works just fine in real life, but you don't know how to make it work the same way in your tests? –  Marius Gedminas Jul 8 '11 at 12:35
Exactly. In real life everything works as expected. In my tests, non-static links don't get the SCRIPT_NAME prefix prepended. –  Thomi Jul 8 '11 at 20:51

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