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I need to make a shell script to get the size of every www directory of my users home folder

I need somethings like
TOTAL www Size = ...

I know that I have to play with the du unix command

any help?

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To get the recursive size of a folder: du -hs | cut -f 1

So to get the size of each user's www folder:

ls /home | while read username; do echo "$username $(du -hs "/home/$username/public_html" | cut -f 1)"; done
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thanks this is perfect! –  Matteo Jul 8 '11 at 9:03
Actually, that could be tweaked to only handle user that have a public_html directory: ls /home | while read username; do test -d "/home/$username/public_html" && echo "$username $(du -hs "/home/$username/public_html" | cut -f 1)"; done –  Cyrille Jul 8 '11 at 9:19

Try something like this:

du -sh /home/*/public_html

Output on my system:

0       /home/brokeneggs/public_html
3.1G    /home/jonhall/public_html
178M    /home/stubuntu/public_html

You can do further parsing of the output if you want only usernames to appear, and not full paths, for instance.

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Actually better and much more simple than my "while-loop" solution. I'm so used to looping through things in bash that I forgot you could do that. –  Cyrille Jul 8 '11 at 9:00

try this command to calculate:

du -sch .
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