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How can I make an online product designer in the front-end using Magento Community?

Mainly i am in need of a way in the front-end so that user can select one raw product like a single color T-Shirt.

I would like to put an uploaded logo from the front-end on the raw product by any user.

Then the user can send an order us to make such sort of product with logo in different places.

Can anyone please give me an idea?

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A simple Google Search for T-Shirt designer will give you links to modules that will do this for you. Key words:

magento t-shirt designer

A lot of the functionality to choose size/colour and upload an image (product custom options) is already built in as standard, the paid-for solutions online save you from the effort of designing the frontend to preview the finished garment.

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You might want to try out our product designer on http://www.developflash.com/ Allows uploading own photo, text, clipart etc.

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