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I have classes which are inherited from abstract Packet( this class has abstract method named read which reads from ByteBuffer).

in Python i would do something like...

class Blabla(Packet):
class Blabla2(Packet):

and then i would init each class in list like this

_packets = [Blabla, Blabla2]

and when i would identify id of packet i would do like this

pck = _packets[packetId]()

Want to do the same in java. Is there any fast way(except using switch)

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Yes, it is possible to do something very similar in Java.

You could have a list of Class objects and then call list.get(packetId).newInstance() to create an instance of the correct class.

See the Javadoc.

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This is what you should do:

ArrayList<Class> list = new ArrayList<Class>();

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Maybe you are looking for Class#newInstance().

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