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There is a great option --patch which can be used with git add.

Using this option I can easily review all my changes and decide which chunks should be added to staging area. This interactive process can be made through all modified files.

I am looking for something similar for resolving conflicts. After rebase or merge you will often get list of both modified files.

Is there any command which:

1) will help me iterate through all this both modified files? This is very annoying when I have to copy every path to file to manually open it.

2) will resolve all conflicts automagically always using HEAD/main version?

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You should have a look to the git mergetool that should be of help resolving conflicts through command line.

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Try p4merge. You can easily configure it to work with mergetool and interactively choose which version do you prefer.

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Here's a quick install guide: gist.github.com/1510148 –  neu242 Jan 25 '12 at 11:21

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