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I want to merge revision r1007 from the trunk into a pristine working copy of a /branches/feature-branch. The revision includes changes to 2 files that already exist in both trunk and branch.

I've tried with both tools TortoiseSVN and the command-line client and the result is always the same: the merge proceeds without errors but no file contents get modified. Only the svn:mergeinfo property gets (properly) updated to reflect r1007:

C:\>svn log -r1007 --verbose
r1007 | alvaro | 2011-02-01 17:44:37 +0100 (mar, 01 feb 2011) | 5 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Servidor/web/importar/index.php
   M /trunk/Servidor/web/logica/importacion-ayuntamiento.php

Fix blah blah blah

C:\>svn merge ^

C:\>svn status C:\Project\feature-branch
 M      C:\Project\feature-branch

(I've tried svn merge -r1006:1007 C:\Project\feature-branch as well.)

The only involved directory that has a svn:mergeinfo property is C:\Project\feature-branch and I see nothing wrong in it:


The only change made by the merge is adding ,1007 to the /trunk line (it's not there before merging).

Do you have any idea of why the merge is neither copying my code changes nor failing?

Update: The source code itself can be merged just fine: I can create a patch an apply it manually.

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Sorry for wasting your time but it turned out to be the typical effect of bad sleep and strained eyes.

I had committed r1008 with a new feature on /branches/feature-branch that already contained those same changes (among others). Subversion is smart enough to realise that there is not need to port those new lines of code since there are already there in the target file. That's the correct behaviour.

(I guess that when I did manual patching in order to test I wasn't careful enough and interpreted the results wrong.)

How I made the same changes in two branches without merging is something I'll never know, but I did it: it's all in the log.

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get some sleep :) – thekbb Jul 8 '11 at 12:42

I may be missing something but 1007 is already in the /trunk line:


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Yep, it gets there after the merge. That's the only change to the working that gets done properly. It's not there before the merge because the r1007 hasn't been merged yet. But that's all that changes in the working copy: the properties of the root folder. No file contents get changed. – Álvaro González Jul 8 '11 at 10:05
I've updated the question to make it clear what changes are expected to merge. – Álvaro González Jul 8 '11 at 10:10

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