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I have a jpg image for the business card layout with dimensions: 9,8 cm/5,9 cm. I have to put it as background layout and on top of this layout i have to print name/address/telephone number email etc. And print it/save it as pdf for later use.

But problem is i cant make it work with FPDF or TCPDF. Any idea how can i prepare this? with FPDF or TCPDF?

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Using TCPDF you can position elements absolutely as it were, so you could do something like

$pdf = new TCPDF('L', 'mm', 'A4'); //Or whatever your required settings are

//Basic setup


$pdf->Image('src', x, y); //Where x and y are the offset (probably 0, 0)
$pdf->writeHTMLCell(w, h, x, y, 'html') //Again where x and y are offset

$pdf->Output('filename.pdf', 'D'); //To force download

The TCPDF online documentation isn't great, but the examples help a lot http://www.tcpdf.org/examples.php

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You specifically asked about creating a business card sized document, so you should use:

//Sets document size to a 5.9cm x 9.8cm landscape oriented page    
$pdf = new TCPDF('L', 'mm', array(59,98)); 

The documentation gives a list of pre-defined page sizes here: http://www.tcpdf.org/doc/classTCPDF.html#a087d4df77e60b7054e97804069ed32c5

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Also i have some problem like the printer is support width 98 but height 91 minimum. The business card is getting jammed when i insert them in landscape way to the rare trey. But if i put the business card as P mode then the 91 mm as height is accepted by the printer. But in that case it does not print rotate 90 degree or -90 degree. And all shapes gets broken. – YumYumYum Jul 20 '11 at 6:19

The example n. 51 at http://www.tcpdf.org shows how to create a full page background. Then, for the page format, check the source code documentation of the getPageSizeFromFormat() method (more than 300 page formats are already defined, including business cards).

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To set the background on fpdf you have to call Image() as the first thing when setting up the Header() function in your class.

The way I normally do it is by extending Extend FPDF in my own class, i.e.:


class SomeClassName extends FPDF {
// add your instance variables if needed
function Header(){
//now call Image()
$this->Image(); //set up your background here


If you look at faqs in the fpdf.org site you will see (vague) instructions on how to do this.

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