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How can I insert an element (<ui>) dynamically with some formatting inside an already existing element?


$("#contentDiv").append('<ui id="contentUi">');
$("#contentUi").css({ "text-align": "center", "list-style-type": "none"});
$("#contentDiv").css({ "text-decoration": "none","font-size":" 1.30em","font-weight": 

Here #contentDiv is the id of an element <div id="contentDiv">, and I'm appending a new element <ui> to it.

Line 3 is working perfectly fine but line 2 has no effect on screen.

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Why don't you paste it all in line 3? Why is there a #ContentUI in the second line and what do you append? You need to explain your question some more. – Tim Jul 8 '11 at 10:03
I agree with @Tim - more information needed, give relevant (pared-down) html, and i suggest you change title (no stylesheet involved in question) and tag jquery and javascript – xec Jul 8 '11 at 10:11
What is #contentUi here? And what is that element("") anyway? Empty string or real element you mean? Is #contentUi the element you're trying to insert? – spliter Jul 8 '11 at 10:35
Everything working fine here jsfiddle.net/niklasvh/uw7PV – Niklas Jul 8 '11 at 11:36

There is no need to define the css with jQuery here I think. Just have a class predefined in your stylesheet, mush simpler that way.

For an example.

$("#contentDiv").append('<ui class="predefined-class">');

And in your CSS you would have

.predefined-class {
     text-align: center; 
     list-style-type: none;

.another-predefined-class {
     font-size: 1.30em;
     font-weight: bold;

I hope this is what you were after.

Also I do not know how good is you appending an empty ul, since it is purposeless without the lis

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You won't be able to add list-styles to a non-existent element <ui>

Change this line

$("#contentDiv").append('<ui id="contentUi">');


$("#contentDiv").append('<ul id="contentUi">');

Note: ui to ul


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