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I have a java code, where I give some variable dynamically. I need to pass that value to the nsis script. For example I will get a value of the variable age at runtime, and pass it to the var of the nsis script. Is it possible. Any suggestions...

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can you provide little more details? Do you want to invoke a NSIS script from java and pass some variable ? –  user395072 Jul 13 '11 at 13:18

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The way I pass data to the NSIS script is with ant. When you build your installer you can place tokens in the NSI file and replace them. example using @product.name@ in the NSI file.:

  <replace file="${release.dir}/installer.nsi" token="@product.name@" value="${product.name}"/>
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You can read environment variables in NSIS files like this:


In addition, the ant task allows to set symbols directly:

<nsis script="myproject.nsi" verbosity="4" out="build.log" noconfig="yes">
    <define name="VERSION" value="2.1"/>
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