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So I have this small application of mine I'm trying to deploy using visual studio. I have Intel parallel studio 2011 added to visual studio, and I'm compiling this program using Intel within VS because I'm using OpenMP task construct which is not supported in VS2010. I added a deployment project to my solution and built a setup. Dependencies are detected as follows:

glu32.dll opengl32.dll and libiomp5md.dll

Now I'm trying to test this setup file to see if it works. I have Windows XP Mode installed and I access the setup file, I setup my application, decencies are copied just fine but: When I try to run the application first time I got an error saying:

The entry point _ftol2 could not be loacted in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll

I found solution to this problem by removing glu32.dll and opengl32.dll and adding glut32.dll to my windows/system folder. But then it comes up with this second error saying:

The application or dll ".....\libiomp5md.dll" is not a valid windows image. please check this against your installation diskette

again I googled and I got this and it didn't work.

Reminder: I'm using Win7 x64 and Visual Studio 2010 with Intel Parallel Studio 2011.

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I guess you need to install the redistributable libraries on the target machine.

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Thanks, I'm checking it out to see if it works. – atoMerz Jul 16 '11 at 23:30
sorry, it took a while, thought accepting as answer would give you the bounty too, thanks – atoMerz Jul 20 '11 at 3:43

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