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I am working in Java and am wondering, are multi-dimensional arrays like grids where rows are elements and columns are dimensions, or are they hyper-geometric figures that we can't see?

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Could you clarify your question? It really doesn't make much sense. Perhaps by "multi" you mean "more than 4"? –  S.Lott Mar 19 '09 at 14:22

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A 1D array is like a list, a 2D array is like a table with columns and rows, a 3D array is like a cube, x, y and z and anything more than that would be hyper-geometric. You could represent a cube with time with a 4D array.

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Sometimes it's useful to think of multidimensional arrays as geometric: lists, tables, cubes. Other times, such as when the arrays aren't of equal length, it's not. They might be:

  • lists of tables
  • lists of lists of lists
  • tables of cubes

At some (early) point it's time to make some classes.

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Depends on how many dimensions you create the array with. Obviously you can create a 2 dimensional array that is a table.

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