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i am searching some words in remote database with python psycopg2 module and than append them in list then taking it django template .. i have problem with how can i get third and eight object from list

my view.py:

rows = cur.fetchall()
for row in rows:

return render_to_response("search/se.html",{"data":"res":result}})

in my se.html

{% for ress in data.res %}
      {{ ress }}
{% endfor %}

here, i get all searched column of row from my database , but i want as django filter queryset result

{{ ress.id }}
{{ ress.name }}


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Sorry misread the question. Try starting from this

def fields(cursor):
    results = {}
    column = 0
    for d in cursor.description:
        results[d[0]] = column
        column = column + 1

    return results 

as you can see you can modify my code to get out your 3rd and 8th columns as list

also this snippet may be helpful for you

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thank you it helps me –  Aragon Jul 8 '11 at 13:38

That's my first answer. I hope it's the right one^^

Instead of a for loop i would take while loop.

result1 = []
result2 = []

rows = cur.fetchone()
while rows:
     result1.append(row[2])    # takes all third objects of the list
     result2.append(row[7])    # takes all eight .....
     rows = cur.fetchone()

This works in normal Python. I hope in Django too.

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thank you for your help i have learned we can call second object of list in django template as {{ ress.2 }} ... –  Aragon Jul 8 '11 at 13:38

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