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I want to make sure the location received by the LocationListener is a "real" one and doesn't come from a spoofed source (I.e the Application Location Spoofer). I don't care about "but the user sometimes want to spoof the location" - it's about an app which doesnt get distributed over the android market. The application does not need the location to be that accurate - it just has to be "real".

Do you think there is a way to check if the location has been spoofed?
What do you think is a good way to prevent location spoofing?
Is there maybe a android-method which gives me the real location nevertheless?
Is there maybe a android-method to determine if the location has been spoofed?

Thoughts I had:

  • Check on a blacklist if a location-spoofing app is installed
  • Enable/disable different location providers and check against their returned locations
  • Run a background service watching the location (in a passive way) and check for sudden location changes

Please give me your thoughts and input to this issue.

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  • From the Provider name: 'gps' or 'network' are proper
  • Most spoofers forget to send GPS status updates. That is something that you can use to your advantage

    // returns true if mock location enabled, false if not enabled.

    if (Settings.Secure.getString(getContentResolver(),
           return false; 
           else return true;

The best method is this :

  • Mock location providers do not send NMEA data. So create a NMEA listener. If you don't get NMEA update but you get valid GPS updates in onLocationChanged() a spoof is being used.
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Have a look on "Maintaining a current best estimate" topic on the following page:

Maintaining a current best estimate

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