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I am using the following blocktrans:

{% blocktrans with item|gender_text as gendertext %}
    This is {{gendertext}} item
{% endblocktrans %}

In my .po file I have

msgid "This is %(gendertext)s item"
msgstr "Some translation ... %(gendertext)s"

For any language other than english, I would not like to use the gendertext variable. So I would want to have

msgstr "Some translation ..."

However, when I take off the %(gendertext)s from from msgstr, django_admin shouts (when compiling the messages):

'msgstr' is not a valid Python format string, unlike 'msgid'. Reason: The string ends in the middle of a directive.
msgfmt: found 1 fatal error

Any workarounds for this case?


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Put a condition in your template is not good for you? – sahid Jul 8 '11 at 11:56

If I understand your question well, Django is right to give that error beacsue, your key should be there for all languages.For example, there is no such case : in English I have a key gendertext but in Turkish I don't need that key.

One easy solution is keep that key in both languages but keep it empty if you don't want to render.

Other than your question, I strongly recommend you to use rosetta application, for translation processes.

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