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I want to replace the value with a variable. The following does not work because of the single quote used in sed.

set myvarM='pqr'
sed 's/:P03:M15/:P02:M1$myvarM/' mychange.txt > new_mychange.txt

Can I change the sed command or should I use something else?

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use " instead, will allow variables to be expanded –  Fredrik Pihl Jul 8 '11 at 11:59
Thanks and the second problem was with set ! –  shantanuo Jul 8 '11 at 12:03

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sed "s/:P03:M15/:P02:M1$myvarM/" mychange.txt > new_mychange.txt

Incidentally, to make the replacement in-place (ie not create a new file, but alter the original file), do this:

sed -i '' "s/:P03:M15/:P02:M1$myvarM/" mychange.txt

This says "use a blank as the increment suffix" - ie write out the same filename as the input

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awk -v val="$myvarM" '{sub(/:P03:M15/, ":P02:M1" val); print}' filename

Note that in a bourne-type shell ("/bin/sh") the set command sets the positional parameters. Your first line sets $1 to the value myvarM='pqr' -- the myvarM variable continues to be unset.

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