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Is there anyway to append some html content from a file in Jquery?

I know you can use load() in jquery to replace the entire content within an element.

but I wonder if I can conditionally use append('url') to add extra content into an element in Jquery

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You could try this:

$.get('/someurl', function(result) {
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So you are trying to append dynamic content? Try something like this:

  $.get('<URL>', function(data){
    $(<contentelement>).append(<either entire data element, or do some operations on it>);
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Yes you can. append() literally appends something to the end of an element.

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Another way is to do a two step process, i.e

onclick='$("#id1").append("<div id=\"id2\"></div>"); $("#id2").load("content.php");'

This also works to prepend content from another url too.

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