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We are testing a system in our development environment where we are moving file system to DFS leaves. Everything is working fine except for when images are trying to be accessed via a URL instead of a UNC path (For previewing images - they show up as broken links). We believe it's a deep-rooted configuration issue somewhere on the development servers and not related to the change in the file system setup as the image previews work when I change it to point to the images via UNC path instead of the URL, but we have run into odd problems with Java and DFS systems in the past ( File.getFreeSpace() Not returning correct value) so I was wondering if there was any sort of documentation for Java saying that accessing a file through DFS via a URL should not be an issue. Thanks.

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Is your URL properly formatted for the DFS path? As far as I have seen you shouldn't have an issue. –  Femi Jul 8 '11 at 13:55

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Well, the issue was an IIS setting, so there is no issue with accessing a DFS filesystem via URL in Java :)

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