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I want to amalgamate several github repo's into a single "boilerplate" for use by our agency. For example, I want to combine the best practices of Paul Irish' HTML5 Boilerplate with Nicole Sullivan's OOCSS (among many other best practice frameworks).

I'd like to use the H5 boilerplate as a base starter github and then keep track of OOCSS within the CSS directory (obviously).

  • root (html5 boilerplate starts tracking changes here)
    • css (oocss hub starts here)
    • js (gets updated from H5B) .... and so on

Periodically, I'd want to update this new github with the changes from both - and subsequent other hubs as and when. Is it possible to do with while maintaining my original folder structure? I've tried forking the H5B into a new hub and then creating a new "remote" inside the CSS folder but so far it hasn't worked. Any ideas?

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Have a look at submodules.

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I've heard good things about git-subtree. It's a feature-rich alternative to the submodules mentioned below.

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Two possible solutions, already mentioned:

  • git submodules (git's native)
  • git subtree (additional, extended library)

See this post for more details about including external library repositories to your project:

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