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I'm attempting to utilize some code found here:

This includes the bases classes for the demo found here:

Anyway, I'd like to keep the two projects separate, referencing the base project whenever I need it in a new project. Anyway, I installed Subclipse and successfully checked-out the base project. However, in Eclipse, it still throws compiler errors, for instance, "Failed to load properties file for project 'TabWidget'" (a base class). I edited the Builder settings for this base project yet I still receive the same errors. Any suggestions?

Also, I realize I could simply copy the missing classes from my base to my demo, but prefer to keep them separate if possible.

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If you do not need to actually run the base project as an application, you could make it an Eclipse Library project.

Right click on project root --> Properties --> Android --> Check "Is Library"

Then in your demo, you tell eclipse to use that project.

Right click on project root --> Properties --> Android --> Library/Add... Click on the base.

Do a Project --> Clean after this to rebuild the project & hopefully the problems would disappear.

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Thanks! Much appreciated! – worked Jul 9 '11 at 14:06

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