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Is it possible to create a form to be submitted within a fancybox.

<a class="assignScoreValues" href="/quality/assign-score-values/id/1">Assign Score Values</a>

Then in the controller I display a form to be submitted. I can't redirect as I will lose the information on the original page.

I'm thinking that it's not possible?

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Why not submit the form via AJAX? –  Michael Mior Jul 8 '11 at 13:35

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You can submit the form with AJAX using Jquery and serializeArray(). To use an HTML link for for submission:

<a onclick="var data=jQuery('#form_id').serializeArray();
                        //do something on success, for example close fancybox:
            return false;
href="javascript:void(0);">Save Form</a>
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Fancybox window is a part of the HTML of a parent one. So if your fancybox don't consist of the iframe the submitting in the fancybox will reload your parent page.

So the obvious (and the only I think) way to submit form correctly is to do it via AJAX. Then you can close the fancybox using $.fancybox.close() method.

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