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I've a problem with QTreeView horizontal scrollbar, it doesn't appear. I've set horizontal scrollbar policy to ScrollBarAsNeeded, but it doesn't appear if needed. Have tried to connect expanded and collapsed signals to a slot:

connect(this, SIGNAL(expanded(QModelIndex)), this, SLOT(update_scroll_area(QModelIndex)));
connect(this, SIGNAL(collapsed(QModelIndex)), this, SLOT(update_scroll_area(QModelIndex)));

The slot consists of one line of code:

update_scroll_area(const QModelIndex& i)

This makes scrollbar working, but only when I'm expanding/collapsing the tree view items.

I need to have working horizontal scrollbar "every time", from starting the application till its end. How can it be organized?

Thank you.

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This FAQ entry may help.

In a nutshell:

  • Set the horizontal header to resize to the contents of the column (this applies even if the header is hidden)
  • Disable the 'stretchLastHeaderSection' property to prevent the horizontal header from automatically resizing to the width of the viewport (which appears to override the above setting to resize to the size of the column)
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This will only work if "setModel" called before "resize to content" and "stretchLastHeaderSection" methods. – Prady Jul 21 '13 at 15:49

What worked for me was to:

  • Set the horizontalScrollBarPolicy property to ScrollBarAsNeeded.
  • Set the horizontal header's headerMinimumSectionSize property to the same value as the 'geometry Width' value.
  • Set the horizontal header's headerDefaultSectionSize property to about twice the headerMinimumSectionSize value.
  • Disable the horizontal header's headerStretchLastSection property (as described elsewhere).

I did this using Qt Designer on the form I was modifying.

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if you use QT5 try this to make treewidget "horizontal" autoscroll:

  • Disable the horizontal header's headerStretchLastSection. and
  • ui->treeWidget->header()->setSectionResizeMode(QHeaderView::ResizeToContents);
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I just found out another case where horizontal scroll bar won't show up in custom treeView class. That is when you set "setHeaderHidden()" to true & don't override resizeEvent(). This is exactly what happend to me & i overrode resizeEvent() by calling the slot, resizeColumnToContents(0) as i only have one column in my custom tree view class to make the horizontal scroll bar work.

Thought this might be helpful to some one.

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