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I am using encryption mechanism provided by .net to encrypt/decrypt the connection string in web.config, however i am still able to see my connection string in IIS Manager 5.1(win-Xp)

In IIS manager, when i go into the properties of my website, in the ASP.NET tab->pressing edit Configuration button, shows my connection string in plain text. how do i hide/encrypt this connection string, so that it is not viewable by any user/admin.

This is the requirement,so there is no option of giving any excuse, and i think that's not impossible, or at least there has to be a work-around.

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work around would be to store the connection string in web.config and store it encrypted, I guess. But I am not sure I have never tried it. – Davide Piras Jul 8 '11 at 13:44
thanks Davide, for your quick response. but i have already encrypted the connection string using aspnet_regiis.exe -pe “connectionStrings” -app “/DemoApplication” command, but i am still able to view it in IIS manager, as i told earlier. – Bravo Jul 8 '11 at 14:04
sorry could not help much, how do you see it logging in with a different user? – Davide Piras Jul 8 '11 at 14:11

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The purpose of the .Net connection string encryption mechanism is to protect against attackers who have obtained a copy of your configuration files, but dont actually have access to the machine itself - the reason why connection strings are shown in plain text in this administration console is because if they have access to this console then in all likelyhood they are already perfectly capable of accessing the same information by other means.

So if by "Encrypt" you mean "Obfuscate", then sure you can hide connection strings so that they are not immediately visible by administrators - simply ignore the .Net mechanisms and encrypt / decrypt the connection string yourself. This isn't going to prevent any suitably motivated administrator from viewing this connection string however.

If you really want to protect your database connections (presumably the username / password used) then you should instead use Integrated SSPI security.

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thanks Kragen, the project i am working on is currently under the maintenance phase and we have used Microsoft code practices for database connectivity in the whole project, which takes the connection string from the config file, so i suppose there is no way we can use custom encryption mechanism.and our system is used by clients who have security as a major concern, so using SSPI is also not a suitable solution here. – Bravo Jul 8 '11 at 14:41
@Bravo SSPI is generally considered to be more secure than SQL Authentication, see Is using integrated security (SSPI) for accessing SQL Server better for web applications? (ServerFault) – Justin Jul 8 '11 at 15:42

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