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I am looking for an ASP.NET control that is easy to integrate for simple editing of HTML, inserting pictures, basic formatting, etc.

What component would you recommend?

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My mistake was, that I did not search for WYSIWYG - I searched for " html control", which did not answer my question. – Kjensen Mar 19 '09 at 17:18
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FCKEditor, or TinyMCE. Both are pretty good.

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From FCKeditor page about ASP.NET Integration

It is very easy to use FCKeditor in your ASP.NET web pages

In fact it comes with an easy to use ASP.NET control.

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I used FreeTextBox in the past.

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I really like the wmd editor I´m writing in right now:)

Very good when it comes to code-examples.

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Depends what you think cheap is!

We've used CuteEditor from CuteSoft in the past and it's great - though prices start from $129.

We have also used TinyMCE, FreeTextBox and FckEditor - and whilst those are free, they don't come close to offering the polished features of CuteEditor.

  • HTML in source mode is tabbed and indented
  • Can edit/crop/resize images in gallery
  • Writing new toolbars is easy
  • Simple integration with ASP.NET webforms - MVC is another story

If you don't need all of this then one of the others should be fine.

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I am currently using FreeTextBox and works well with our application. The best part is that its free.

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