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I'm looking for a good VCS (Version Control System, eg. CVS) that runs on Windows or IIS5 (I have a webserver and see no reason to install Apache). Preferrably something with a Visual Studio integrated client, and preferrably free. Does such a beast exist or will I have to buy sourcesafe?

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I'd rather spend a couple of grand and run TFS, then use a free copy of source safe. Of course there are plenty of other cheaper alternatives out there (Subversion for example)

If you have a Team edition of Visual Studio you do get a free edition of TFS which will work for five users. Just a thought if have MSDN already.

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Thanks, but I only have pro and this is for my personal projects. Now if I could afford a Universal subscription... :) – tsilb Mar 19 '09 at 16:07
Come on it's only $2500 (over three years I think)! Im kidding...Well find a Microsoft Employee befriend them and ask for their friends discount that will bring it down some. Anyways I hear yea – JoshBerke Mar 19 '09 at 16:32

I'd recommend Subversion which is free and doesn't require IIS or Apache. Spent years on Sourcesafe but had nothing but trouble.

You can use the TortoiseSVN client which is free.

For visual studio I use VisualSvn who provide an integrated plug-in - but it's not free - only $50 though.

AnkhSvn do provide a free plugin though I believe.

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Subversion is pretty good, though I'm also a fan of DVCS systems (mercurial and GIT). The big advantage of SVN is that its GUI tools are fairly mature.

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