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I want to get a file size over network via System.Net.FileWebRequest. For example: \IP\c$\sampleFile.txt

I supply the credentials for accessing file via passing it to FilewebRequest's credentials but the code below returns an access to path denied error. What is worng here? How can I access files over network? (I have crediantals to access file)

 System.Net.FileWebRequest request = (System.Net.FileWebRequest)
 request.PreAuthenticate = true;
 request.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(_clientUser,_clientPass);
 FileWebResponse response = (System.Net.FileWebResponse) request.GetResponse();

 // gets the size of the file in bytes    
 Int64 iSize = response.ContentLength;
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It looks like the file you are trying to get is on your network rather than through an http call which is what FileWebRequest is for.


FileInfo fileInfo = new FileInfo(filePath);
long fileBytes = fileInfo.Length;
long fileKBytes = fileInfo.Length / 1024;

The filepath being your \IP\c$\sampleFile.txt. Make sure it is accessible by your machine to read.

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The problem is here that.I have crediantials to access file (username and pass)If first I try to access file over run>command "\\IP\c$\sampleFile.txt" windows opens authenticate windows and than using code gives no error..but i have to succeed the authentication in code also... –  dankyy1 Mar 19 '09 at 15:48
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