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I can't see the images of the web debug toolbar.

I'm getting this error for example:

GET http://francesca.localhost/web/sf/sf_web_debug/images/close.png 404 (Not Found)

If I request http://francesca.localhost/sf/sf_web_debug/images/close.png it works ok (the image is showed).

This is my virtual host:

   ServerName francesca.localhost 
   ServerAlias francesca.com 
   DocumentRoot /home/me/programacion/francesca 

   <Directory /home/me/programacion/francesca/web> 
      AllowOverride All 
      Options MultiViews Indexes SymLinksIfOwnerMatch 
      Allow from All 

   Alias /sf /home/me/programacion/francesca/lib/vendor/symfony/data/web/sf 
   <Directory "/home/me/programacion/francesca/lib/vendor/symfony/data/web/sf"> 
    AllowOverride All 
    Allow from All 


sf 1.4


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You must have DocumentRoot /home/me/programacion/francesca/web

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