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I'm attempting to test a Flex application in which Objects do not have static IDs. I'd like to use FunFX for automation, since it can easily be kicked off from a Linux shell.

This said, FunFX doesn't appear to contain functions which allow users to access children via their parent objects (e.g. parent.get_child_at(<index>) or parent.children() for iteration). I see methods which return the number of children beneath a parent, but I don't see any iteration functionality which would allow me to parse the hierarchical structure.

Has anyone used FunFX to test a black-box Flex app where object IDs are not known? If so, how did you accomplish accessing the various objects & components to drive their functionality?

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FunFX includes the FlexSpy tool which allows you to peek at component IDs, hierarchies, etc. But, unstable component IDs are ( obviously ) a setback to having robust tests. However, FunFX does allow driving of components from "automation name", "automation value" and index. So, there is some hope. :)

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Wow, an answer after such a long time -- thanks! I'm not doing testing any longer, but I appreciate the response. –  bedwyr Dec 6 '09 at 23:23
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