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I am writing mock Ruby servers to test components of API. I send a POST request with a body, and I'd like my mock server to return a body of that POST request. Currently i have this code:

require 'socket'

webserver = TCPServer.new('', 7125)
loop do
  session = webserver.accept
  session.print "HTTP/1.1 200/OK\r\nContent-type:text/html\r\n\r\n"
  request = session.gets
  session.puts request

A POST request with body FOO returns a response with body that contains only POST / HTTP/1.1 How to fix it?

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Writing your own HTTP server is really going to get you into trouble because the specification, while superficially simple, has a number of subtle nuances that can trip you up. In this case, you're reading one line with gets and ignoring the bulk of the submission. You're going to have to address that by reading in and properly decoding the posted data.

For something with a familiar interface you might start with Net::HTTP::Server instead.

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