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I'm looking into options for parsing HL7 messages via PHP. I'm aware of the Net_HL7 package on PEAR but to be perfectly honest, I don't think that I want to base my code around a seemingly 'abandoned' package and even if I did, I just don't think that my brain suits the functions 'correctly'. Maybe if I had more of an HL7 background it would make a bit more sense, I don't know.

Anyway: I'm guessing that 95% of the time, I'm going to be parsing and reading data from messages. The other 5%, I'll be creating and/or sending messages.

I don't necessarily need to do any form of validation on the messages themselves, I just need to pull/push data.

I definitely need support for 'non-XML' HL7 v2.x, but naturally XML-based v2 and v3 would be a bonus.

So does anyone have any suggestions as to other libraries that I might use? I'm looking for pure PHP solutions as I want to have minimal requirements on the server that aren't "copy this directory here".


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Depending on how much hl7 work you need done you can either roll your own, or try integrating with tools that provide an interface in a lower level language (like C++) and build some sort of php wrapper around it.

The company I work at does provide an hl7 parsing/mapping tool, but without the php interface. At the very least looking at the manual will give you a good overview of hl7 and how hard it will be to write your own hl7 parser.

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Thanks for the reply, Snazzer. In fact, Interfaceware has been a great resource for my learning and so on. It's unfortunate that Chameleon doesn't have a PHP interface as we were looking at it at one point. In the end, I think I'm going to write my own with a view to open sourcing it. I may hit you up with some questions along the way though :) –  Narcissus Apr 20 '09 at 11:27
YEa, at a time we did have a php interface but we dropped it due to lack of interest...that was years ago though. Now we push Iguana, which is more of a end user product that does what most people would typically code themselves when using Chameleon. –  Snazzer Apr 20 '09 at 12:43
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If you want an open source solution for hl7 parsing then I recommend Mirth. You can check out how Mirth does its' hl7 parsing by checking out the source code. good luck.

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