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I am trying to store a variable from my database into a JavaScript variable with the code below:

var long = "<%=RecordSet.record.get('GPS - Longitude')%>";

The <%= and %> are tags local to the API for the program i am using which is based on JavaScript and runs JavaScript. When i call this data field from the database:

If data is stored as: 91° 6' 5" W The data will not store in variable "long" because of the " character in the string.

If data is stored as: 91° 6' 5 W The data will be stored fine in variable "long".

I know there is a .php function called "addslashes()" which is supposed to remedy this issue when pulling information from a database. I have tried using the "replace" function on the database call with no luck. Is this possible within JavaScript?

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Duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/97578/…? –  Michael Myers Jul 8 '11 at 15:18
This is not working for me. I have used a replace function to no avail when the field entry contains a " in the database. i have used: var long = (("<%=RecordSet.record.get('GPS - Longitude')%>").replace('"',"'"); and var long = (("<%=RecordSet.record.get('GPS - Longitude')%>").replace("\"","'"); and var long = (("<%=RecordSet.record.get('GPS - Longitude')%>").replace("\x22","'"); with no luck. I have used this format tested with other characters so i know it works. I don't think the database field value is being written in <%=RecordSet.record.get('GPS - Longitude')%>". –  Travis McAdams Jul 8 '11 at 20:28

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Have you tried using the javascript function 'replace'

string.replace('"', "'");

Or in the php you can use the replace function there

$string=str_replace('"', "'", $string);

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Yes i have tried "var long = long.replace('"', "'");" with no luck. It seems that the data from the field is not even being stored in the JS variable "long" because their is a " in the data entry in the database. –  Travis McAdams Jul 8 '11 at 17:30
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The issue has been resolved. It was pertaining to the program i was using. If you are interested here is the link:


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