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I inherited a java project and don't have much experience with Eclipse. In the package explorer I can see the outline of the project with all the classes but when I try to edit any of them it says the source code is not found. When I look the source code is where it seems it is supposed to be. I am assuming that in pulling the code out of source control the path must have changed from the original. Is there an easy way to tell the IDE to just connect a code file to a class?

What's really weird is that 'some' of the files in the very same directory are found while others are not. Can't say I think very highly of this IDE so far.

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Have you tried refreshing from within Eclipse? Right click on the project in the Package Explorer view and select Refresh. –  Jim Garrison Jul 8 '11 at 15:27
Ah, now I can edit the source files! Thanks. It still shows the little warning signs next to the treeview items. –  Belmiris Jul 8 '11 at 15:38
This question appears to be a duplicate:… –  Anderson Green Jul 4 '12 at 3:26

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Right click on the project in the Package Explorer view and select Refresh.

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Well, this is not working. I'm trying to debug my Android project and all files other than the ones on my project are out of sync –  Carlos Feitoza Filho Apr 10 '14 at 2:48
This worked for me.. I didn't expect that it would be simple as this. –  mboy Apr 21 at 10:58
I had to refresh all open & related projects then it worked for me. –  Jackson Jun 4 at 18:20

You can have Eclipse do that automatically for you.
Using the latest version, go to Window -> Preferences.
Select General -> Workspace and from there make sure the first and second option are checked (build, refresh).

This is very useful especially if you use Dropbox or something similar (wuala etc) :)

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By default, 'F5' on a highlighted resource will also refresh it.

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You can right click on the project name and click refresh. And just to be sure, you can select the package name and right click 'Refresh' too.

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  1. Right click on the project in the Package Explorer view and select Refresh. If it is not working,
  2. Clean the project... project menu -> clean... and refresh
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Click on the project, then press F5 to refresh the file. It should be fine.

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If refresh and clean doesn't work, it might work to just simply just run your code. For me it did the trick. After many refresh and cleaning/ building didn't work.

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Just remove all projects from eclipse workspace and Re-Import the all projects again. It is working for me. Just try it

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