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I want to position a window at the right border of the screen. This is the current code, the constants should be comprehensible I think.

root = Tk()
pos_x = root.winfo_screenwidth() - WINDOW_WIDTH
geometry = '{width}x{height}+{pos_x}+{pos_y}'.format(
    height=WINDOW_HEIGHT, width=WINDOW_WIDTH, pos_y=HEIGHT_OFFSET, pos_x=pos_x)

The problem is that the width of a frame seems to be the usable space without the border, which means that when I run the above code the window is not completely visible. I tried root['border'] but that returns 0 and google is surprisingly quiet about this problem.

So is there any way to get the complete size of a frame - or is this the wrong way to do this with tkinter?

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The problem is that the window manager draws the border and does not tell you how large it is. You can take full control of the window by setting the overrideredirect flag, but that would mean you do not get a border drawn by the window manager.

But maybe this discussion on the Tcl'ers wiki helps, as it discusses ways to find the full window size.

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Thanks, will try some of the stuff there - but now I know of at least one thing that's simpler to do even with raw Win32.. will surely be useful in some discussions ;) –  Voo Jul 9 '11 at 21:56

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