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here is code i used to query fan speed, but fan speed always return null. Anyone know why?

public static void Win32_Fan() { SelectQuery query = new SelectQuery("Win32_Fan");

        // Initialize an object searcher with this query
        ManagementObjectSearcher searcher =
           new ManagementObjectSearcher(query);

        // Get the resulting collection and loop through it
        foreach (ManagementObject fan in searcher.Get())

            Console.WriteLine("{0} = ActiveCooling {1}",fan["Name"], fan["ActiveCooling"]);
            Console.WriteLine("DesiredSpeed = {0}", fan["DesiredSpeed"]);
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Obtain an updated WMI provider from your motherboard manufacturer. Don't be surprised if you cannot get one. –  Hans Passant Jul 8 '11 at 16:53

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What Hans is alluding to is the fact that WMI is very dependent on what the device driver supplies it. WMI defines a large assortment of classes with all kinds of useful properties, but most of those (related to hardware, anyway) need to be filled in by a driver. If the driver doesn't give WMI the information, then WMI can't give the information to you.

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