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I would like to comment out all script tags from an HtmlDocument. This way when I render the document the scripts are not executed however we can still see what was there. Unfortunately, my current approach is failing:

foreach (var scriptTag in htmlDocument.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//script"))
                var commentedScript = new HtmlNode(HtmlNodeType.Comment, htmlDocument, 0) { InnerHtml = scriptTag.ToString() };

Note that I can do this using replace functions on the html, but I do not think it would be as robust:

domHtml = domHtml.Replace("<script", "<!-- <script");
domHtml = domHtml.Replace("</script>", "</script> -->");
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How about changing the language attribute to something the browser can not understand? –  Simon Svensson Jul 8 '11 at 17:09

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Try this:

foreach (var scriptTag in htmlDocument.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("//script"))
            var commentedScript = HtmlTextNode.CreateNode(string.Format("<!--{0}-->", scriptTag.OuterHtml));
            scriptTag.ParentNode.ReplaceChild(commentedScript, scriptTag);
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worked like a charm! –  Zugwalt Jul 8 '11 at 17:54

Refer to this SO post - very clean solution utilising the Linq query support of the HTML Agility Pack: htmlagilitypack - remove script and style?

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