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I want to match a pattern ASA[a-z][a-z][0-9][0-9] and replace them with embedded hyperlinks http://www.stack.com?order=ASA[a-z][a-z][0-9][0-9] and display it as ASA[a-z][a-z][0-9][0-9]

Eg:ASAsq96 or ASApt66

The following conditions should be met before replacement should occur

1.The pattern should not be replaced if it occurs within any href link


2.The pattern should not be replaced if it occurs within any http:// link



3.But, the pattern should be replaced if it only exists within a specific hyperlink of type


4.All other existing patterns outside should be replaced

The regex here perfectly satisfies conditions 2 and 4. How can I incorporate conditions 1 and 3 into this regex. I am using HTML body to process the body.

mail.HTMLBody = Regex.Replace(mail.HTMLBody, 
"<a href=\"http://www.stack.com?order=$&\">$&</a>");
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Is there a good reason why you're trying to combine a bunch of different conditions into a single regular expression? I'd have a separate expression for each condition. This will make your pattern (and logic) a lot more readable.

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I have no specific reason, but I need all these conditions before the replacement can occur. Is there a way can I separate these conditions and execute? –  thinkcool Jul 8 '11 at 16:14

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