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Here is the problems, I have a link, something like this:


inside this php, I will do something very time consuming. I call it using AJAX, but after I called it, it lastly timeout, because the process in server is still running. It may takes 10mins or more to process it...

How can I notify the user, and tell him/her I finished the job? instead of waiting it timeout. Thank you.

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Simply add a message connected to your users ID in a table ('tbl_notifications' for example) and display this once on the page when the user visits your website.. –  Joshua - Pendo Jul 8 '11 at 16:06

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One way of doing this would be to use pcntl_fork. This will allow the long task to be run in a separate process, and you can simply send the user an email when its completed. Alternatively, you could use AJAX to poll the server to see if the task has completed?

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If your script will take a long time to run, I think as well as forking the process using pcntl_fork you'll need to set_time_limit(0) this will allow the script to run as long as it needs to. If its memory inventive you might also need to overwrite the memory_limit using ini_set.

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