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How can I learn Android?

I have been getting my feet wet with android sdk, eclipse, and other various beginner steps to making applications; now I want more. I have ordered some books from my local library which i al still waiting on and am now looking for someone that knows how a begginer should start out. I have general knowledge and have got a few apps on market from the appdeveloper stuff, but now just really looking to take my knowledge to the next level and trying to find out what is the best way to do it from someone experienced. To note i have also checked out the google dev site and some of its resources. Also wondering how in depth i need to get with java code and whats the best way to learn all that stuff...sorry for being so scattered on my thoghts here, but thanks all for help

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I have found this to be a very helpful tutorial in learning Java extensively -


Similarly, the Android dev tutorial is also really helpful and has quite a few examples for beginners. You could find it here -


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First of all you should have a willing and that is like 80% of success. As far as i can see you have it :)

In order to gain more knowledge i can advice you to start copy-paste simple (very simple) programs from already working app which should do a particularly simple role , like to print something on screen. Compile the program, see what the result. Try to change things in code and see how changes applied to the app.

Go to the android dev and see the structure of the programs : what is the start point of the program, witch and how it use its component.

Start from there and you will find out a lot of things. :)

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