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Let's say have 3 tables:

CategoryID    int
Title         text

AdminID       int
FullName      text

CategoryID    int
 AdminID      int
 AllowAccess  bit

When i try to update changes to database i got following exception:

Unable to insert or update an entity because the principal end of the 'KiaNetModel.FK_Permissions_Admins' relationship is deleted.


The function that update changes:

public static void SetPermissions(int[] cats, int userId, Entities context)
            var premissions = from p in context.AdminPremissions where p.AdminID == userId select p;
            // Clear all premissions...
            foreach (var p in premissions)
                p.AllowAccess = false;

            foreach (var c in cats)
                var es = from e in context.AdminPremissions where e.CategoryID == c && e.AdminID == userId select e;
                // If any pre permission was found, set flag = true
                if (es.Count() > 0)
                    es.First().AllowAccess = true;

                // Otherwise add new one
                    context.AdminPremissions.AddObject(new AdminPremission() { AdminID = userId, CategoryID = c, AllowAccess = true });

It's an web application, and when user mark permissions, i could only determine which permissions are set, not all of them.

If you have any other idea, or better way please tell me.

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I think relationship between tables Permission and Admin has been deleted from either Actual database or from Entity Model. It it is the case then u have to create that relationship again.

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Neither of relationships was deleted. I look at database relation and model, both of them exists. –  Jalal Jul 9 '11 at 11:05

Generate "Admin" Table And "Permission" Drop And Create Script (With Data - If U Have Data On it).

Then Execute It, If U Have Relation Re Create It, Ur Prb Must Be Solve.

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As i say in other answer's comment, neither of relationships was deleted :| –  Jalal Jul 10 '11 at 9:43

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