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I am using this url to direct my mobile web page to a facebook wall post dialog page, however I can't seem to get display=wap to work.<myappId>&redirect_uri=<myRedirectUri>&link=<myLink>&display=<wap|touch>&picture=<myPicture>&caption=<myCaption>&description=<myDescription>&name=<myName>

Using display=touch works fine on most devices except some blackberries I've tested, where the dialog page is blank except for the "Publish" and "Cancel" buttons. When I use display=wap, I get "An error has occured" no matter what I do.

Does facebook support this feed dialog with display=wap? I found this url on their developer's web page here: Facebook Dialogs Under the heading labeled : Mobile Display Modes

I'd appreciate any advice!

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Currently we don't support the feed dialog in display=wap. Sorry.

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Thanks. That's what I had figured. – Evan Layman Jul 18 '11 at 23:49

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