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The issue is that the in field that has the data is just one record in the data set pulled from a set stored proc (not touchable). Then using it as a parameter in the second dataset. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Add parameter

  2. Select parameter visibility as Hidden

  3. Go to Default Values: (Screenshot of below)

  4. Select "Get values from a query" (and select your first dataset and value field)

  5. In Dataset 2 filter the data with your new parameter

       i.e. SELECT * FROM XYZ WHERE ABC IN (@Param)

Default Values Tab

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You can do this using a subreport.

Add a subreport to the main report. Add a parameter to the subreport.

enter image description here

Open the rdl of the subreport, add a paramter with the same name.

enter image description here create a dataset in that RDL using your query for example

select * from YourTable where ENTY_KEY = (@param)
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