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I have a view that is not part a TTTableViewController. This could have several TTableViews on it.

I try to setup each tableView to its own TTSectionedDataSource, but data is not displayed. I need to set the datasource to any of my TableViews on screen, but not depending in that the controller is based on TTTableViewController.

This is what I try first:

self.products.dataSource = [TTSectionedDataSource dataSourceWithObjects:
                   @"Links and Buttons",
                   [TTTableTextItem itemWithText:@"TTTableTextItem" URL:@"tt://tableItemTest"
                   [TTTableLink itemWithText:@"TTTableLink" URL:@"tt://tableItemTest"],
                   [TTTableButton itemWithText:@"TTTableButton"],
                   [TTTableCaptionItem itemWithText:@"TTTableCaptionItem" caption:@"caption"
                   @"Static Text",
                   [TTTableTextItem itemWithText:@"TTTableTextItem"],
                   [TTTableCaptionItem itemWithText:@"TTTableCaptionItem which wraps to several lines"
                   [TTTableActivityItem itemWithText:@"TTTableActivityItem"],

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Is self.products a TTTableView? Have you tried [self.products reload]? – tonklon Jul 9 '11 at 18:37
Yes, is. Also tried the reload... – mamcx Jul 9 '11 at 22:19

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