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My console app traps SIGINT so it can exit gracefully.

Pressing CTRL+C inside XCode while the program is being debugged, though, has no effect.

I can find the process and use a terminal window to send a SIGINT to my process, however I'm hoping there's a simpler solution that I can do within XCode.

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The pause button of the debugger console actually sends a SIGINT to your app. If you want to make the debugger pass the signal to your app you can do the following:

  1. Press the pause button of the debugger and wait for the debug console to gain focus
  2. Type handle SIGINT pass
  3. Press the continue button

Now pressing again the pause button of the debugger console of Xcode will make the SIGINT hit your app.

If you don't want the debugger to stop as soon as the SIGINT is catched you might also want to add handle SIGINT nostop to the previous list.

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One of the work-arounds to the hassel of working with interrupts is making a MainMenu with a CTRL-C short-cut that executes your requested routine, or sends itself a SIGINT, if you really need the sig.

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One solution is to use the UNIX kill or killall commands.

If you know the Process ID you can open the Terminal application and type:

kill -SIGINT 415

(where 415 is the PID for this process)

Or, perhaps easier, you can type

killall -SIGINT my_console_app

(where my_console_app is the name of your app, i.e. the name of the binary created — not the bundle if it's in one)

This will send the signal to all instances of the application, as the name killall suggests, so it may not be appropriate. It might be worth checking if there are other processes with the same name running before you do a killall (;

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