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I have an existing VS-2008 Windows application with back-end MySQL Server 5.5. The existing application uses Crystal Reports for reporting. I want to get rid of Crystal Reports and want to use another tool that seamlessly integrates with VS-2010 Express. I want to remove reporting options from my existing application and want to write a new WPF reporting application using VS-2010 Express. I want a free tool but as I am using MySQL, tools like SSRS are not useful for me.

What are the options? I am planning the other way round by writing a Python reporting application powered by any open-source Python reporting tool.

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For WPF you can use http://wpfreports.codeplex.com/ for simple reports or follow this article instructions to make you own: http://janrep.blog.codeplant.net/post/WPF-Multipage-Reports-Part-I.aspx

I've used SSRS, but only the RDLC part (you can use it with any datasource), but not very happy with the results and WPF does not have a native RDLC ReportViewer.

Also check this related question What's the best approach to printing/reporting from WPF?

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Why not have both? IronPython is a python implementation on top of .NET. It allows you to write code that is totally python, but gives you access to all of .NET, including WPF.

For a quick look at what this looks like, here is a basic WPF project using ironpython.

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But which reporting tool to use? I don't want to use Crystal Reports from IronPython. –  RKh Jul 9 '11 at 3:46

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