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How does one convert a Scala array to a mutable.Set? It's easy to convert to an immutable.Set

Array(1, 2, 3).toSet

But I can't find an obvious way to convert to a mutable.Set.

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scala> scala.collection.mutable.Set( Array(1,2) :_* )
res2: scala.collection.mutable.Set[Int] = Set(2, 1)

The weird :_* type ascription, forces factory method to see the array as a list of arguments.

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scala> val s=scala.collection.mutable.Set()++Array(1,2,3)
s: scala.collection.mutable.Set[Int] = Set(2, 1, 3)
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I wish I could accept two answers. –  schmmd Jul 8 '11 at 22:20

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